Jean-René Cudell

tel: +32-4-366 3654                                                        fax: +32-4-366 3672
email: JR.Cudell@ulg.ac.be
Institut de Physique, B5                                                          Université de Liège
Sart Tilman                                                                           B4000 Liège BELGIUM

  • Interests:
  • Non perturbative QCD: lattice, Dyson-Schwinger, Gribov confinement
  • Deep-inelastic scattering, Regge theory, diffractive states in hadronic collisions
  • Astroparticles: axions and neutrinos
  • Papers:

    Summer schools :
  • A short course on QCD
  • A short course on Quantum Field Theory
  • International group:
    COmputerized Models, Parameter Evaluation for Theory and Experiment (COMPETE)

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